January 06 FINAL UPDATE - The Cult is Officially disbanded. It happened as spontaneous as it was created. The Seven Stranngers, who gathered a year ago - Fragile, Akmos, Krysten, Folcan, Odinus, Konrad, and Master Of Boulet - decided to split up. Folcan and Odinus changed societies and went into killing business. Fragile had sold her avatar to another person, and Konrad went wandering once again, as a travelling Priest, looking for a new job. It is rumoured that he joined Ithaca Dogs, and taken a job of an assassin. Hence, The Seven was split apart.

The Society is broke up and no longer exists. However, this memorial site is still alive, and images are current.

July 10 -

Lootius gives a sign to his loyal follower. What kind of sign? Who knows...
Picture HERE

July 4 -

1. F
orum set up.

2. Training in the Umbranoid camp for everyone!!!
Go go go!!!

June 28 -

1. Konrad Knox goes on a psycho rampage killing spree after losing last hope for success. He cries to Fragile, and the next day leaves into the forest with his gun filled with the last of his bullets.
He is very strange sometimes. Pictures in the gallery HERE.

2. T
wo posters added - Folcan and Akmos.
DJROM added to Members page.

Identity of the 20+K HOFer is confirmed to be DareDevil. More info coming up.

June 25 -

Members section done - YES, it is now a REAL table. Phewww....

June 24 -

1. Pictures of Lessa and Chanel added to gallery.
2. Two new Posters for loyal fans to look at and praise their leaders :D
3. Members section reworked again: Akmos and Folcan added.
4. Sal Raven had left the society.
5. Documents Archive created. I hope you noticed -it's right there to your left now.

6. Because Members tend to leave and enter society, a need has been expressed that the Members section has to become a REAL table, easy to maintain and change. Therefore Members Section is closed for construction.

June 19 -

1. LAND GRAB POSTPONED till SEPTEMBER! More training time!


People seem to be happily enjoying their trips to the profitable and lovely looting space with aliens and new mobs. They use fuel in large amounts. So...


do YOU have your OIL ready to SELL???

3. NEW Anima Mundi poster available for loyal fans :) Click Here !

June 18 -

Oh Goodness!!! The benevolence of Lootius had shown itself as never again!

The First Ever 20K HOF!!! Winner = No Lastname

but not to us.... :( alas...

But if you think about it - it's interesting: there were many rumors about the legendary 10K hof.
Some people believed it was a chipri young, or a snablesnot... so this 20200+ PED HOF really proves us that nothing like a legendary 10K HOF exists. The system can go beyond 10000 after all.

June 16 -

1. Heads up, fighters! Fragile speaks:

"Okay, I make it short, here is big news from Entropia IRC chat:
Ships are about to fly, maybe today.
They need refined oil as fuel.
That means that % will rise up soon and soc wars at the rig will start again.
Be prepared for a new era and keep your oil for selling at good price.
Keep your guns ready as well."


2. Konrad clad in black comes to Fragile from the desert with news from a messenger.
The small clan named Gang Of Dogs had its leader King Buzzo retired.
New leader is Immortal. Their 2nd circle lead Svetlana is his main advisor, and
Konrad's friend. She offered a union, an alliance with Anima Mundi during the
land grab.
Their goals and advantages: Immortal is a veteran fighter clad in Nemesis Armor,
equipped with some of the best gear, V1, V2, Laganus, High on skills. They are united
with Boar Hunters as well, which means a strong side coverage. Immortal is going to land
grab on behalf of Gang Of Dogs.
The final word is left to Fragile, whether she accepts to hold a meeting or not.
If she accepts negotiations, Konrad will bring Gang Of Dogs to her.

June 15 -

Fragile turned out to be right after all. Lootius will never let his loyal priest go broke. Just when Konrad was almost running out of money, he looted 106 PED on an Armax Bull Provider. Hail Lootius, God of Hunt. The priest is saved from hunger by the hunting luck again!

Site news: Odinus and Shika are added to the Members page. Their names are now clickable. Waiting for more info from these 2 to complete their profiles.
A minor bug is discovered with these profiles - they tend to look screwy in high resolution. Will be fixed ASAP. That's what happens when you specify % instead of pixel size.

DAN FOLCAN's Birthday is coming, people! Congratulations, Folc! We love you. Keep HOFing the hell out of those deposits, stay in touch with Real Life too!! Best of luck!
(How old are you now btw?)

June 13 -

Good news! We have a new ally!
Fragile speaks:
Meridian from Caldoria offered an alliance. I definitely accepted. That means that to some extend : Suggababe, Mallo, many others and of course Meridian will be cool with u in the rig. Same of course is expected from us.

So give a big up to our new Bros!
To visualize Meridian - see recent update in the Gallery.

June 10 -

A Gallery is being opened up. So far, we have a HUGE collection of images from Konrad, available HERE.

More pics from Konrad HERE.

June 9 -

Just had to post. Frag manufactured a component worth 760+ PED. Congratz! She got herself a Chronicle Harness too. Way to go, tailor! I wish you could make those yellow sabakuma shoes. :P

June 6 -

Background Music added on Members page. Please submit feedback. On-Off switch coming soon.

May 28 -

The work on rebuilding the site started. We're still under construction. Members page being updated. We aren't ready to open up yet, no no no. :)