Konrad D. Knox
2nd circle lead. Fighter, miner, priest.

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Relevant Comments:

Pre-Calypso: Konrad started as prisoner Knox, code number 96187. He was serving his term in the penal colony for crimes unknown, and eventually faced a choice: either his death sentence gets executed, or he will be shipped to Calypso with a colonist transport to help establish new colony, his only survival chance.

Anima Mundi Career: Escaping from colonist transport, Konrad finds himself in an orange jumpsuit in Port Atlantis. He quickly opens up all teleporters and can use them all. He meets Net-Hunter, who is being hired by E-Thug to be a loot mercenary for UNO. The only problem is Net-Hunter speaks Russian. E-Thug doesn't. She can't hire him, because they don't understand each other's terms. Net-Hunter hires Konrad as a English-Russian translator, and eventually Konrad hooks up with UNO. Net-Hunter suddenly disappears, and Konrad becomes the loot-hunter for E-Thug, wielding a gun, that looks a lot like Net-Hunter's. A strange coincidence. After 3 weeks Konrad gets tired of inactivity and asks E-Thug for some work. Then E-Thug introduces him to Fragile. Konrad falls in love with Fragile at first sight. She pays him good. Konrad thinks that Fragile is by far more resourceful than any other UNO leader, and becomes insubordinate to E-Thug, who stays passive. Soon, he joins Fragile in her leave and joins Anima Mundi, since he sees it as a strong opportunity to develop. He pledges allegiance to Fragile and becomes her support of any special operations. Also, he is a priest.

Character: Konrad may seem like a joker with a big smile on his face, but when he is alone, you understand that he is yet a mistery inside. Somehow there is an impression that he is hurting like hell deep in his mind, and hides this pain behind his smile. Konrad became a priest, and is now saving money to build a Church as his overall plan, but he is yet too broke to even start. On the other hand Konrad is an excellent gunman who loves to shoot, and hits 10 out of 10, a real sniper, which yet adds more enigma to his personality and history. It is not a fact, but a rumor, that Konrad has been seen around dangerous mercenaries in the desert somewhere, which may point to his connection with criminal world of thieves and assassins. Still, he never broke his loyalty to Anima Mundi

Prototype: Konrad's character was based on Trigun's priest Nicholas Wolfwood and villain Knives.


Height: Stands 1.85 meters tall
Weight: 79 kilograms
Body: Light, slim, thin, fit.
Eyes: Dark
Hair: White
Personality: Grim and quiet alone, joker in public, loves women, guns, and children.

Always dressed in black or gray. Wears a tiny cross.

Fav. Weapon:
Large custom version of Fire Forge 8000 M Anti Robot Rifle Magnum Caliber with a Dacascos sniper optical scope.This rifle is very precious to Konrad. He always has it ready for action.

Spends a lot of time drinkng in Ithaca Bar,
or any bar he feels like going to. Odd for a priest.

Favourite Food: If not alcohol, then probably cigarettes, if he could eat them. Smokes all the time.

Self-Description: "I am a soldier of peace, searching the mayfly known as love".

Fav. Quote: "Unbad, for a rookie".

Life Philosophy: Help the good guys. Kill the bad guys before they kill you. Shoot first, think later. And may Lootius bless you!

Konrad is played by Konstantin, a Russian Computer Science and Communication Network Technologies student in the University of Alaska, Anchorage.

21 years old. Favourite sports: volleyball, running, swimming. Fav. actor: Bruce Willis
Hobbies: guns, computers, movies, anime, web design, games, hiking, bars, girls :)

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