Shika is armed and loaded for action

-Shikamaru Nara-
Order Initiate

Shikamaru (or just Shika, for friends, as they call him) is one of the recent trainees, who had just joined Anima Mundi.
Not much info is supplied from him yet, but one
thing for sure - another soul who has a cultist
trapped inside, searching for answers.

One of the young pups, who are yet to become the Dogs of War. So far he has been proving a worthy order member as such.
He will yet tell us of his origin, or family history.

Screenshot of Shikamaru's Info or Trivia page from the game - comes here.

(see Konrad's profile for a free sample.)


Height: around 1.82 meters
Weight: around 78-80 kilograms
Eyes: ??? light-blue ???
Hair: Brown
Skin: light-brown, hawaian ??
Body: young, thin, surfer look.
Personality: Naturally optimistic, a jolly fellow, a brave explorer.

So far Shika has mainly been a smaller game hunter, using carbines for target practice. His main occupation is hunt, and targets include small carnivores and herbivores, like combibos, cornundos, etc. Shika gathers paints and skins, and sells them to tailors. He seems to be training well and getting better as he keeps working. For his target practice Shikamaru uses his light carbine. Just recently Shika was practicing with Fragile in combat against Umbranoids. He seems to patiently follow Fragile's and Odinus's training routines. Trains hard.
Shika is dressed in animal leather, which speaks for a promising career of a hunter. We all wish him best of luck on his path to becoming a good soldier.

Shikamaru in extreme hunting mode. I think he doesn't like animals :)

Shika tends to lead an EXtreme lifestyle... including mountain jumps...