Odinus G. Fetardus at ease

<~{Odinus Grodormus Fetardus}~>
1st circle lead. Fighter. Weaponsmaster.




Odinus G. Fetardus is in charge of the society's military training. He trains the most and helps new members with useful advice on how to higher their skills. Skill is the main priority for this man. His schedule is carved in stone, his discipline is made of iron. A day spent without skill gain is a wasted day. In spite of this discipline, he is a fun punster to be around with, a cloun.

A true soldier in the defence of the society. Fights like a soldier, thinks like a soldier, drinks like a soldier, sleeps like a soldier. Fast, strong, trained, and deadly on demand. Right to the bone. When you think Odinus - you think "good guy", "swell fella", "reliable friend".

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Height: 1.80 meters
Weight: 84 kilograms
Eyes: Light-Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: Dark mediterranean
Body: handsome, tan, fine muscular.

Clothes: Red, blue, white

Primary weapon:
MK II Justifier amplified.

Life Philosophy: It is worth to put time and money into skills now, because skills will help you in the future. Skills help to get better loot. A day without learning is labor loss.

Hobbies: Sleeping well

Relevant Comments:

Character: One of the toughest and most trained soldiers of our society. One of the most inthusiastic and active players. The leader of the 1st circle, who stays close to Fragile. Odnius is your regular boyscout, typical warrior. Humorous, screwy, self-caring, thinks about his own development at first. Fits perfectly into the Cult's objective. He is zealous to train whenever he can, and is obsessed with reaching perfection in skills. Although it may sound amusing, Odinus is in fact working a lot. He trains diligently days and nights, praticing deadly combat and the art of war, which is approved and encouraged by Fragile. He is currently the head weaponsmaster. Odinus has his black days, when he is in bad mood. One time he went to the Oil Rig on such a day, and ended up killing everyone. Ironically for a dangerous killer, Odinus seems to have a strange mark of fate on him - he is never lucky in animal hunt. He is known for his bad luck in loots. What can you say? Even a Priest of Lootius can't help.

Anima Mundi Career: Odinus was one of the original 6 to join Fragile when she separated from UNO. He was with her from the beginning. He is one of her close friends, and has a weighty word in deciding which members receive promotion.

Name Origins: An interesting and funny fact. As you probably figured, he is also French. Grodormus comes from french "gros dormeur" - the one who "sleeps a lot". As a matter of fact, Odinus does tend to be sleepy very often.

Prototype: Odinus had never hinted to this, as it is most like not true at all, but coincidentally, he looks damn a lot like Roger Lodge. :)


Odinus is one of not many players (maybe the only one) in the society, who can play PE drunk, and yet keep a rather steady aim. Applause!

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