ANIMA MUNDI is a young pseudo-religious self-supporting cult of relatively peaceful armed Entropia fanatics originally formed of 7 members who left the UNO OOOOOOOO Organization of United Noobs & Oldies.

The Original High Circle consists of 6 warriors/miners/craftsmen from France, and one wandering priest.

Since most of the members are French, the main language is also French.

The Founder and now Master of the cult is Fragile Dark, who initiated the separation from UNO. She is a fighter and a tailor.

The society is small, however it is very versatile. It holds over 20 members, who represent different cultures - from Oil Rig PK Killers to worshippers of God Lootius.



On January 6th The Seven: Fragile, Odinus, Krysten, Folcan, Akmos, Master Of Boulet, and Konrad - had went in their separate directions. They broke apart, wishing each other good luck, and the society was disbanded. Last person to leave was Konrad Knox, who later joined Ithaca Dogs.