Fragile - our brave and wise leader, commander, and friend.

~< Fragile S. Dark >~
Order Master. Leader, tailor, fighter, technomage.

Fragile is the founder of Anima Mundi Order.
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Sybil Fragile Dark...

Fragile is our leader and commander.
More info from Fragile will be available soon. Maybe...

Frag kicks major ass using Pyrotrophy Art

- Fragile recently began pyrotrophy studies -

Fragile uses her Mindforce impressively.


Height: 1.79 meters
Weight: 75 kilograms
Eyes: Light-Green
Hair: Dark-Brown
Skin: Paler White
Body: very slim, attractive
Clothes: Various tailored.
Weapons: Large arsenal
of mechanical weapons, from pistols to rifles, plus Pyrotrophy Mindforce.

Relevant Comments:

Appearance and Character: When you first look at this young, lovely girl, she seems to be indeed what her name says - fragile. Relaxed, tired posture, melancholic eyes, pale-white young skin, mild and nice manners. In public Fragile appears to be a bit of a calm modest pessimist. But never ever let all of this confuse you. If you think this lovely girl will not pull a trigger - you are making a mistake. Just like all of us in Anima Mundi, Fragile is peaceful, but if needed, can be very dangerous.
In combat Fragile becomes an unstoppable whirlpool of action, bullets, blood, and fire. She is no doubt - the oldest, the most well trained, and the strongest of the society's fighters. A true military leader.
Just recently she started practicing the pyrotrophic use of Mindforce (something Konrad calls Technomagic), and becomes impressive with creating fire storms.

Anima Mundi career: Fragile was trained by her mentor Zeeek. Was a tailor on the service of UNO Organization for some time (that is when she met Konrad). Soon gathered 6 more friends and created Anima Mundi (see interview).

Prototype: It's said that Fragile's model is based on her player's RL ex-girlfriend.