Daniel Folcan
2nd circle. Miner, pistoleer, country-man.

Folcan is feeding his chickens. He loves them so much!

Relevant Comments:

Folcan used to own the “Flying Fowls Chicken Farm” on Earth. After many long years of working with chickens and making minuscule profits, he decided to travel to Calypso to try and start a new life farming Calypso Chickens (aka Berycled), but after having them eaten by the local Atrox, he vowed to hunt Atrox till there where no more Atrox left on Calypso.

Anima Mundi Career:
At first Daniel was a society jumper, He was first a part of The Sweat Gatherers, but after being in the society for a while, got bored. Nothing really ever happened, so he joined his friend Shadow Zone in another society called The Scourge which the same as the last society - wasn’t very active. He then joined UNO, where he met Fragile, Krysten, and Odinus. When Fragile started her own clan, he joined it, and he is still here to this day, and he doesn’t have plans of leaving anytime soon. He is now a successful miner in the society.

Daniel often times acts and looks like a village boy. He has that old good (or bad) charisma of a rancher-farmer-cowboy, which some people find attractive and human-specific. Folcan is optimistic, easy to make laugh, likes to tell jokes, no matter whether they are sharp or not. His bare feet often make him amusing. Although he is mostly a miner, and doesn't fight much, everyone knows he is crazy about pistols, so who knows what that guy can do with them?!
Nobody tried to test it. Perhaps some day - life will.


Height: 160cm
a bit brown from the sun he got from working out in chicken cages.

Not to fat and not to thin. Average.

Snablesnot pants and shirt with an iron rage jacket. His feet are allergic to shoes so he doesn’t wear any.

pistols, pistols, and only pistols.

Favorite Gun:
EWE EP-40 Mercenary

Favorite Quote:

That’s not a bug, It’s a feature…

Favorite Mob:

Some REAL LIFE INFO GOES HERE if Folcan deisres. Folcan tries to save his herd from the local Atrox!