[---Akmos Theboss---]
2nd circle. Miner lead, heavy warrior, giant.

Akmos Theboss

Relevant Comments:

Akmos Theboss is definitely someone to be scared of. This incredibly large giant with big arms, long legs, huge body reminds of a rock. A machine built of muscle, Akmos is the biggest Anima Mundi member. Konrad's personal theory is that he is either a cyborg, or a mutant, or maybe was biologically enhanced with steroids.
With his intellect, Akmos yet reminds a human being. He communicates with French speaking members just fine. He is a very good miner, perhaps the most successful one, because his body abilities let him do amazing things in terms of physical labor. He is the current miner lead, and proves very useful as a worker and a living forklift. Much enjoys heavy machinery and everything that has something to do with industry.
Also, Akmos seems to like biffoids. Some say that he can understand mutant language and culture.
Seems to dig disco dancing n00b style.
In combat seems to prefer very heavy blades and pistols.
Packs a huge EnBlade of a very intimidating size.
Not a guy to mess with, unless you are a fool, or know what you're doing.


2 meters.
Weight: 125 kg
Eyes: Brownish-yellow
Possibly white (if it's hair at all)
Inhumanly gigantic
Physique: Large,
muscular, strong
Organism: Possibly not pure human
Weapons: Pistols, blades
Hobbies: Mining

Heavy? A deposit under the cyborg ship. Only Akmos would go for that. I'm tellign you, he's a CYBORG!!!!